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      The position of the working population was very heavy. In the 80 m-•, Dah VI century begins an uprising against the poorest people of Bukhara oppressors. At the head of this revolt is Abruy. Landed aristocracy and the rich defeated the rebels and returned the land farmers. Abruy was put to death.
      The great Turkic power because of the constant civil wars in 603 soon splits into two parts: the Eastern and Western Khanate. Ruler of the Western Territory became Istemi. The composition of the Western Khanate consisted of Seven Rivers, the valley of the Chu, the Volga, the lower part of the Kuban, the land banks of the Irtysh, Ishima, semi-independent states of Central Asia.
      In the year 618 with the arrival of Ton Yabgu State of Western Turks intensified. The Turks are reforming the administration, many of the local dynasty of rulers have been physically destroyed, and planted in their place the Turks. This reform should be the creation of a strong state with centralized power, instead of separate self-possession, but all this plan was not implemented. After the death of Ton Yabgu position in the West Kahanat becomes unstable. Troubles between the highest aristocracy affected the agricultural regions of Central Asia - have intensified raids, plundering expeditions. There was, in particular, killed the ruler of Fergana, in the Fergana S.evernoy settled Turkic governors.

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