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    Uzbekistan does not look like any one Asian and European countries, it is unique. It is amazing and beautiful nature - mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes, gorges and waterfalls. Remembered for all the beauty of its cities. Interesting for visitors unique traditions, rituals of the Uzbek people displayed in its culture, songs and dances, arts and crafts. You will receive a genuine aesthetic pleasure from all that see here! Uzbekistan - the perfect place for a good holiday and tourism!
Who knows what the well-known Asian hospitality today reflects one of the most ancient and revered folk customs that have come before us. In ancient times, as the Uzbeks and the Tajiks, the hospitality was the rule of life and the moral law.
 Going on a long journey, the wanderer usually ended up in a strange land, among a hostile nature. But he was comforted and warmed by the hope that in the nearest village, even in an isolated tent, they would give him shelter, feed and obogreyut.
 Do not take the visitor to accept or bad, not respecting the traditions, would disgrace the family, village, clan. The custom ordered to provide hospitality, even to the enemy. In our time laws of hospitality turned into a good and useful traditions that help in mutual communication and behavior. The Uzbeks are usually live in large families, consisting of several generations, which is a traditional deference to elders. Its line exists between men and women. Shake hands, as a rule, only with men. During the handshake of mutually interested in the health and state of affairs. Women are made to welcome a slight bow with their right hand to his heart.

It is scarlet-farobi wrote philosophical verses, was the good musicologist. To it belong multivolume "the Big treatise about music", "the Word about music", and also "the Book about classification of rhythms". Such great minds of the East as ibn Sino, Beruni, O.Khayyam, Dzhami and many other things, considered as its teacher and the instructor. Modern researchers notice, that works is scarlet-farobi have played the big role in the course of the European Revival.

      Abu Ali ibn Sino (980-1037γγ.) or as it named Europeans, Avitsenna, all over the world it is recognised by the outstanding physician, and his name put near to name Gippokrata. Ibn Sino Bukhara was born in settlement to Afsha Th near. Then the family moves to Bukhara. By 17 years it already developed scientist and the doctor.

      The general number of proceedings Ibn Sino exceeds 450, but from them has reached us only nearby 160. In the basic products "the Canon fit-tib (" the Canon of a medical science ")," Kitab ash-shifo "(" the healing Book "), written in the Arabian language," Danish-name "(" the knowledge Book "), written in the Tadjik language, are stated naucheshe and philosophical sights.



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