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Uzbekistan information 1

8-1990 for years, and the revival of national traditions and international tourism is growing in Uzbekistan, which survives commercial engravings rebirth.

A well-known carver School Office in the Central Asian region. A brilliant proof that the set of columns Hivy magnificent mosque, the twenty-four unique models carving. The oldest of the column back in the tenth and eleventh centuries. The line features deep engraving cutting abysmal, but some of the columns can be noted that the reduction of some of the teachers in the background. The basic geometric motifs are subject to predominate.

Arts, and other professions Hivy arterial tree fell during the Mongol Tatar invasion, and it s only the Milky Way ƠIII the teacher to the traditions of the Mongol period we call rest and regenerate Quartodecimans thirteenth century. You get the general structure using a series of wide and narrow bands of geometric series of deep cuts to the feed-network saturated color and shadow effects. But overall, the style of home decorating Temuridov times, stylized geometric motifs and inscriptions plant. The style is a combination of girih (nice coins) and islimi (membranous plant spikes).

In the fourteenth century, the rich sculptural work of helping researchers distinguish two basic methods for curve and decorative ribbon cutting special geometric elements.

Office of the nineteenth century than in any other city as the home of master wood carving. The evidence of another column in birds Palace Tashnauli-Alike males (1830-1833). Two columns uzornoj removed the three stylized floral decoration wonderful insight.

Carved beauty with sparkling tiles, but the details of households served habitable sculpture art center of the entire complex of public buildings in different parts of the palaces, mosques and Muslim seminary and doors. The magnificently carved door decorated with a ribbon difficult to make two small planes of relief items. The curvature of the model is completely covered with the amazing band factory door. Teachers will be introduced to colors. One of the most famous writers and support the middle of the door of the nineteenth century Palve Abdusattarov.


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