Mountain location means existence of great amount of rivers and lakes. Kyrgyzstan is rich country in frames of nature, so that there are about 2000 lakes on its territory. Many of them are located at the height of 2500-4000m above sea level. It means that just being in a tour on cars for rent most of them can be seen. Many of lakes emerged in the result of glaciers melting, and when guests travel here they can be sure in the beauty of lakes and surrounding territory. Everyone can travel to Issyk Kul, Son Kul and Chatyr Kul.

There are many legends and myths connected with the creation of lakes in Kyrgyzstan. We would like to inform you about the most known lakes emergence:

One of the first lakes for visiting in a tour is Issyk Kul Lake. It is based on the top of 1600m above sea level, and for getting to it there is a need to pass a mountain road. In translation the lake means "warm lake". You can travel here in winter and make sure that it is really warm and doesn't freeze. The lake is considered to be the second one in transparence, after lake Baykal.

beautiful view of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan tours. 

Then we offer a tour to Son Kul lake, at the height of 3016m above sea level. Unfortunately it can't be reached any time of the year, so that there are certain periods for attending. The territory of the lake will not be forgotten due to the extreme beauty of valleys and pastures. The Kajyrty River and the Naryn River feed the lake.

Then we offer travelling to Chayr Kul lake at 3530m, which can be seen only on cars for rent getting the way near the Torugart Chinese border. The Merzbacher lake is interesting for visiting as there is a secret, it disappears in summer, so interesting! Sary Chelek is actually a flooded valley with forests and woods being around it. It is one of perfect sites for breathing fresh air but the territory is closed for free walking there.