Does your decision to travel around Kyrgyzstan raise the question of transport and the country's roads? In this case, we are ready to clarify this issue in this article. And so, during a tour on the roads of Kyrgyzstan, you can use car rent Kyrgyzstan service, taxi or public transport.

Left-hand vehicles are popular on the roads of Kyrgyzstan. Despite the fact that right-hand cars are also allowed, you see few of them.

And so during the travel tour, public transport can also come in handy if you want to try. And so the price for travel by public transport in the form of a minibus costs 10 soms. Depending on the exchange rate, 1 dollar is approximately 69.5 soms. Well, among these minibuses on the roads of Kyrgyzstan, the most popular brand is Mercedes Sprinter. There is another public transport in Kyrgyzstan - Yutong buses, the trip costs about 8 soms.

In our country, you can also use a taxi if you do not rent cars. Taxi prices vary from companies to about 100-130 soms, but 50-100 soms are added depending on the time of day and location. But there are also private taxis whose prices are higher than these.

Well, our company is always glad to provide guests of the country with comfort during the tour in the form of rented cars. We have a wide range of car rent Kyrgyzstan service. Also, for the travel tour of Kyrgyzstan, it is best to use such a rent cars as a 4x4 car, since it is quite difficult to move around the mountains. You can book the following offers-

01-04 persons - Mitsubishi Delica
05-10 persons - Mercedes Sprinter
11-25 persons - 2 Mercedes Sprinter
25 and more - big bus (Neoplan, Setra, Yutong)

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