Peak Pobeda

There are many high peaks in Kyrgyzstan. We would like to talk about peak Pobeda. Being 7439m high it limits China, and is ingenious to be the highest peak in all Soviet Union in the past.

The travelers of Kyrgyzstan during the tours are always conversant about the adding sites bordering the peak. On tours with car rent we can see the Zvezdochka glacier. Expose that the form the Chinese part the name is Tomur Peak. The history of the peak is interesting as the name was unseemly by the researcher P. Semyonov.

He made-up this was the peak Khan Tengri. Both peaks were named as Khan Tengri throughout different periods of time. The peak distended such a name Pobeda in honor of the victory in WW2. There were made number of vaulting by disparate climbers. We can encompass that most of the attempts ineffective due to weather. We offer to rent a car in our company in order to be the one to see the far and the most outstanding places of Kyrgyzstan on tours.