Mountain ranges in Kyrgyzstan

Throughout the tours in Kyrgyzstan, it is good to rent a car and visit mountain ranges. Certainly, our company is organized to arrange an information about the territory of Kyrgyzstan. There are about 88 ranges, attached and some are apart from each other.

The foremost range of Kyrgyzstan is recognized as the Tien Shan Range, or the Celestial Mountains range. On tours you can see such ranges as Chon Alai in the south, which makes the uniting with the Pamir System. This range makes a parting of the country into north and south. Travelers on tours are usually travel sideways the state, they are cheerful to see the nature of the country, available by the ranges, with the lengthiest one being Kakshaal of 582km and the Kyrgyz Range of 454km.

On the route you can use car rent in Kyrgyzstan and get to know more facts about the Terskey Ala Too range. This range is also well-known as the shady mountains range. The Kungey Ala Too, or sunny mountains are famed as well. The mountains of Pamir Alai make the parting of the Tien Shan into Turkestan and Alai ridges. Mostly, the mountains are surrounded with never melting snow. On the tour in Kyrgyzstan, travelers can onlooker the Ala Too mountains.