Manas locality complex

Today Kyrgyzstan is taken as one of the most famous sites for visiting among the people from various countries, and they tend to identify the country as rich one, from the point of view of historical localities. This is Manas complex, being placed in 22km from Talas, where you have a tour on the rented cars. It is always taken as the site for visiting during the outing, as we pass the Tash-Aryk.

Right as you have taken the car for rent, the team is going to travel to the "Manas-Ordo". The destination is seen to be 2.25 km2. That is why it is seen as the perfect location for the guests of Kyrgyzstan to trip here. This is the place created in the past times in honor of the hero Manas. They have also put the gumbez Manas, where other heroes are buried as well.

People of the state tend to consider of the site being created in 1334, when you have a tour here. At the same time many of the legends of the location is going to be seen and felt. But one of the most famous legends says of it being created for burying of he daughter the emir Abuka. The site is protected by the stone warriors balbals. For viewing them from the point of view of reality, be sure to travel here.