Khan Tengri Peak

In this part, we want to inform about Khan Tengri peak those interested in traveling around Kyrgyzstan with car rent service. Khan Tengri is one of the most famous peaks in the country with a summit of about 6995 m above sea level, and if you take into account its ice cap, about 7010 m above sea level. During the tours with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service, travelers of course are told a lot of interesting things about Khan Tengri, for example, that it is located in the Issyk Kul region and is the border with Kazakhstan.

Among the people of Kyrgyzstan, it is customary to call Khan Tengri as the "Prince of Spirits" or "Ruler of the Sky". By the way, traveling around Kyrgyzstan with car rent service, they learn about Khan Tengri that the peak had different names in different periods, since the researcher made a mistake in describing the peak, mistaking it for peak Victory. Also on the tour, for example, many learn that the original name of the mountain was Kan Tau (Blood Mountain), possibly because of the blood of dead climbers or because of red sunsets.

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And also exploring this place through the tours with Kyrgyzstan rent cars service, travelers can see that in 1931 a team from Ukraine was the first to climb to the top. And what is most interesting at that time, that is, during the Soviet Union ordinary people were not allowed to enter the mountain. Such a prohibition probably existed for the reason that the mountain was not sufficiently explored. Here travelers can see the Enilchek glacier and the Merzbacher lakes, as well as amazing valleys and rivers, gorges with wonderful views.