Dungan mosque

Travelers are welcome to visit Dungan Mosque during the whole tour in Kyrgyzstan and travel by car rental around the territories of well-known places of religious significance. The history of the mosque is deemed fascinating and deserving of visitors' exploration.

It is also well known that people left Chinese territories in 1877 on a flight and went to their tour destination today. They opened a group after getting there. In 1907, the architect Chjou Siy and 20 individuals who helped create a mosque were welcomed by the residents. You can see the mosque constructed without metal and nails on the Kyrgyzstan tour.

Currently, visitors have a chance to rent a car to visit the mosque on their own. At the same time, a car rental service in Bishkek provides the ability to explore the importance of building colors. We speak about the red color in this turn, denotation defense against evil spirits, yellow means prosperity and pleasure is green.

It was prohibited during the Soviet Union to believe in God and to visit religious sites. In the 20th century, that basically occurred. Then the Muslims offered a decent sum of money as sufferers began in the wake of WW2. The administration then allowed the visit. To be able to visit the city of Karakol and Dungan mosque, you need to take Kyrgyzstan car rental into consideration nowadays.