Kyrgyzstan is defined the country of high mountains. It is good for tours from the point of view of alpinism. It is a great country for spending free time on the tour with the car rent in Kyrgyzstan. Mountaineers prefer our Kyrgyzstan as a great place for hiking. In the times of the Soviet Union, it was prohibited to go high in the mountains. Some of the people with high ranks were able to get access of visiting the tops of the mountains.

Travel for tours and the guides of our company will give the details about the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, about advantages and disadvantages etc. Being in the heights makes problems from the point of view of risks of landslides.

Today we can say that when the trekkers manage to climb the peaks of 7000m above sea level, achieved an award of the Snow Leopard. In the times of the Soviet Union about 600 climbers managed to get the award. We recommend to rent a car and enjoy on tours.