Kyrgyzstan rivers

There is a winter road along the rivers Yenisei and Usu, perhaps, that the Turks took advantage of them. "Ana" in this case is the Yenisei, other examples of the use of such names we do not know. It is known that the word "Yenisei", despite the attempts of the Turkish and Tatar writers to explain it from the Turkish language (Yeni Tea - 'New Stream'), there is a Tungus Jonas ('High Water') and not used by any of the Turkish people. 
Adjoined a Ownership Kyrgyz in the south-west directly to the possessions of their allies at the time, Turgeshes, who led the Western Turks, of the inscriptions are not visible, before you go to Turgeshes, Tonyukuk with his army again crossed the country on the southern side of the Kirghiz Sayan Mountains. Along with the Kyrgyz people is mentioned several times al, in one place are called the basics, along with Turgeshes, therefore, lived, probably from the Kyrgyz south-west, between the Sayan and Altai mountain range. Along with the Kyrgyz people have referred to snip, the Turks made a trip to this nation as early as 709, before going to the Kirghiz, and speaks of crossing the river Kem, but not passing through the Sayan Ridge, probably chiki lived south of the ridge on the rivers that make up the origins of the Yenisei.