Kyrgyzstan Lake

To the east of the Kirghiz, and Uighurs from the north to the south of a small lake (Kosogol) lived, according to Chinese news, the people Dubo, so (tuba), now called the Samoyeds, Samoyed tribes are now so far south do not go. The Chinese and then reckon Dubo and allied genera with milege and echzhi (relationship of these genera with Dubo was so close that refers to the division into three Dubo kind) to the Turks. It is possible that the Samoyed tribes had already been oturecheny, after the manner of skiing called them "the Turks with the wooden horse" (in Chinese tugyuy mum). On the shores of Lake Gyan-high (according to Iakinfa - Baikal) were adjacent to the Kyrgyz people Dahane and Huygens, the first people lived north of the second. The Kyrgyz government extended eastward to the people of Guligan in the Orkhon inscriptions Kurykan. Translation and interpretation Iakinfa, Kurykan lived north of Lake Baikal to the Arctic Ocean, to transfer Chavannes - from the desert to the north and south of Lake Baikal. Anyway, took possession of the vast expanse of the Kirghiz to Lake Baikal, and therefore can compete with the Kyrgyz-Turkish Oguz, even in the era of their power.