Kyrgyzstan independence

Translation Iakinfa in Tan Shu says that the Kirghiz ruler received from the Uighur kagan title Pitsse Tunge Gin, without adding the word Hagan, so the defeat was the consequence of the Kirghiz only the loss of Shad and independence, but not the loss of state autonomy. Under favorable circumstances, apparently very soon after the defeat, the Kyrgyz azho as it was called the Chinese, could resume the fight with the Uighurs and the claims for Shad, based, apparently, on the western allies. It is said that he declared himself Khan (Kagan), his mother, who came from Turgeshes, widowed Khansha (Khatun), his wife, the daughter of the Emperor Karluk, who bore the title yabgu, Khansha. Karluk, who left in the VIII. to the west and formed the government after the 766 with its center on the banks of the Chu, and then constantly mentioned as neighbors and allies of the Kirghiz, but the mention Turgeshes seems a bit strange; Turgesh Shad has about 740 were destroyed by the Arabs, after the 756-57, the common Turgesh no longer had any political significance.