Kyrgyzstan events

The issuance of Ilteres's daughter-in Hagan Hagan Kirghiz was not, apparently, an exclusive, at least, the Chinese say that the Turkish royal house generally gave their daughters to the elders of the Kirghiz. The situation has changed for the worse Kirghiz after the transition rule in Eastern Mongolia from the Turks, Oguz to the Uighurs. Inscriptions, compiled on behalf of the deceased in 734, the Bilge Kagan, show that the Turkish royal house felt its power secured for a long time, and on Uighur paid so little attention that the name of this people is found in inscriptions only once and yet in 745, eleven years after the death of Bilge Kagan, the rule of the Oghuz Turks in Eastern Mongolia came to an end, and all their possessions passed to the Uighurs. 
In the story of the Kirghiz in the Tang-shu said that they were conquered in 758, the Uighur, Uighurs in the story of this event is not mentioned. In 758, the rules of Uighur kagan, which the Chinese call Gele Moyanchzho Khan (745-759) in the same 758, he was ambassador to the Chinese capital was arguing about the primacy of the Arab ambassador. Apparently, the same king as devoted much crippled the Turkish inscription found near the Selenga and published in 1913 by Finnish scientists Ramstedt. Account of events brought it only to 757, but because it shows that the Uighurs were on a collision with the Yenisei Kyrgyz chikami and even at 750 and 751 years., Hide, referred to the Kyrgyz Khan.