Kyrgyz Communications

996 is a country code (312 for Bishkek). International calls are available from a telephone office usually attached to a post office; you can also make from some hotels by asking at reception. All international calls from Kyrgyzstan are connected by operator. Local calls (within the city) are free of charge when from private telephones; hotels sometimes charge. You can do direct-dial calls within the CIS by dialing 8 and waiting for another dial tone and then dialing the city code followed by the number.
Mobile Telephone
Roaming agreements are made by international mobile phone companies though the coverage may be limited.
You can use Internet at Internet cafes. 
Letters from and to European countries and the USA may take from two weeks to two months.  You can buy stamps and postcards at post offices. Mailing to recipients within Kyrgyzstan you have to address in the following order: country, postcode, city, and street, house number and, at last, the person's name. Tourists can also use post offices near the main hotels. 
Post office hours:
Regularly from Monday to Friday 0900-1800. 

Media in Kyrgyzstan  

The Bishkek Observer, Kyrgyzstan Chronicle, Times of Central Asia and Zaman Kyrgyzstan are weekly English newspapers. 
The main dailies are Kyrgyz Tuusu (both in Kyrgyz), and Delo No, Slovo Kyrgyzstana and Vechernii Bishkek (in Russian). 
State-run Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation operate two networks.
Pirimida and Osh TV are private channels. 
• Kyrgyz National TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation can work two networks. 
Almaz and Europa Plus are private radio stations.