Kazakhstan travel

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 011
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 10 days

1. We will meet you at the airport, and then transfer to Almaty city. Breakfast is at 8 Almaty city morning tour. Visit the Park Panfilovtzev 28, Zenkov Cathedral, the Museum of Musical Instruments, Republic Square, Monument of Independence, Medeo skating rink. Lunch in the cafeteria. Visit Kok-Tobe Mountain, where the TV tower is located. Cable car ride. After dinner in the cafe.

2. Substantial breakfast. Trekking tour in the Big Almaty Lake (29 km). Visit the farm back on the road Falcon, Falcon lunch on the farm. Back to Almaty. Transfer to railway station for the Karaganda train leaves at 19:24. Overnight on board a train.
3. After a good breakfast you will be trekking tour to Karaganda in 05:30. Karaganda city tour. Including a visit to the Palace of Culture, Stanislavskiy Theatre, Central Park of Culture, Monument of Glory miner and Cathedral. Your lunch will be served at 12 am in the cafeteria. Trekking tours in Altyntobe.
4. Substantial breakfast. Trekking tours from Karaganda to Aktogay (250 km, 4 hours), visiting the mausoleum of Shabanbay Bi - a celebrity judge in the Kazakh steppe and the head of the clan - in the street. Leisure, visiting museums from local schools.
5. After a good breakfast you will be trekking tour from Akshol Shabanbay for Bi (18 km, 2.5 hours), visiting statues of stone (balbals) Turkish period in the street. Trekking tours around Begazy - necropolis of the Late Bronze period, being the most important archaeological discovery in the territory of Central Kazakhstan. Trekking tours around the neighboring mountains. Travel from Karatal Hut Akshol for winter. Trekking tours in Shabanbay Bi.
6. Substantial breakfast. Trekking tours from Shabanbay Shaban Bi winter camp (40 km, 1.5 hours). Trekking tours in Aksoran peak (3 hours, to grow - about 600 meters) - the highest point required Cash (1565 meters above sea level), his first field reaches 120 kilometers. Aksoran trekking tour from mountain peak on the lawn Auli.
7. Substantial breakfast. Trekking tours from Bi Shabanbay for Sona (Kyzylarai Zhaman mountains, 30 km, 1.5 hours). Observation of single stone monument to the Turkish period. Traveling from the Tesiktas Sona (20 km, 1 hour). Tesiktas visit - nature stone formation of unusual shape. Traveling from the Besbatyr Tesiktas reservoir (23 km, 1 hour).
8. After a good breakfast you will tour trekking down from the mountains to Zheltau Shabanbay Bi (45 km, 2 hours), visiting Zhinishke stone statues in the streets. Zheltau trekking tours around the mountains (about 10 km): rock paintings, Bukeyhanov Alihan tomb - the first president of Kazakhstan republic government - Alash (1917). Way back in Shabanbay Bi. Late lunch. Trekking tour again in Karaganda.
9. Day will begin with the transfer to the train station for the train to Astana in 08:55. 12:31 Arrival at Astana, meeting at the station, transfer to hotel. check-in.
10. Transfer to, departure airport. 


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The category of gender in the Kazakh language is absent. Therefore, the same adjective, pronoun or ordinal number, depending on the meaning of a sentence can be translated into Russian in the male, female or neuter. Nominal parts of speech, as opposed to the Russian language, vary in individuals.
 The use of personal pronouns (myeon, September, sz, ol) conjugated to the parts of speech is not necessarily because of personal affixes contains a reference to the person. In the Kazakh language in contrast to the Russian question km? (Who?) There is a noun denoting a person, and all other nouns, including to animate. the question is not? (What). Adjective substantiviruyas, conjugated to persons taking affixes accessories and bows.
 Communion, standing in front of the noun does not change either for case or in numbers, in contrast to the Russian language, where the participle agrees with the defined word in gender, number, case. The names of the numerals (kolichestvennye. sequence), using the proposal in the function definition, do not vary in number and in the case.

The first festival, which dates back to the pre-Islamic history of the Kazakhs, is Nowruz, or the Spring Festival that falls on the vernal equinox. On this day, in every home cook a special dish, "Nowruz", which consists of seven types of products: Siberian millet, wheat, rice, barley, millet, meat, and kurt. People go from village to village, eat this food, sing the song "Nowruz", hug, congratulate each other a Happy New Year and wish a good offspring in the new year and prosperity at home.

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