Horse riding and hiking in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan towers: March 1914
Actions: Walking tour
Destination: Kyrgyzstan
Duration: 9 days
On day 1. Place your aircraft at Manas airport. Transmission in Bishkek. Suddenly the hotel.
On day 2. Movement for visiting feeling Kochkor carpet workshop. Trekking around Kochkorka. Night was held in tents.
3-5 days. You - trekking aimed-Kul Lake. Lunch on the road. Koyara village distance to travel ten miles Kochkorka walk upstream. Night was held in tents. 5-6 hours, advancing every day, crossing two passes: 5-to 3260 m and 3700 m 5-day evening of the day you reach the Show-Kul lakes.
Day 6. Life in Syne-Kul lakes in yurts. Your lunch will be provided at 19:00 at night is organized in the yurt.
On day 7. After breakfast, trekking around Lake Show-Kul bar. Your lunch will be provided at 19:00 at night is held in tents.
On day 8. Go to Bishkek. Your lunch will be provided at 19:00 at night is held at the hotel.
Day 9. In the morning your guide takes you from your hotel and take you to the international airport "Manas".

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Kyrgyzstan tours and travels

Kyrgyzstan travels and trips

Kyrgyzstan trips and tours

Kyrgyzstan tour and travel

Kyrgyzstan travel and trip

Kyrgyzstan trip and tour

Kyrgyzstan tours and trips

Kyrgyzstan travels and tours

Kyrgyzstan trips and travels

Kara-Suu Valley. Two lakes at an altitude of 1998 meters, located among spruce forests and meadows. In the valley there are many small villages that offer accommodation and other services to tourists. At 3 km above the Kyzyl-Kul is where you will be offered during the summer months the horses to go through the passes on the northern and southern slopes of the Sary-Chelek and Arkyt. Other routes include horseback trek to the lake, and Kamis Kara Chatkal through the valley of the Sary-Chelek Reserve, or the beautiful valley Zharikov Tash and Toktogul.
Kara Tokoi the lake. At Chatkal ridge to the north of Sary-Chelek there is a place with lots of high-mountain lakes. The form of these picturesque lakes is striking in its natural, pristine beauty. The mountain slopes are covered with spruce forests. Well, at the very top of the lift in the valley formed by high cliffs, gaze presents a big bowl of dark-blue lake of Kara-Tokoi, which was formed at the confluence of River. Ishenkul and p. Kara Tokoi.
 Here, at an altitude of 3000 meters, the cave paintings found wild animals (1-2 cc). The path runs through the forest zone, leaving the alpine meadows and alpine meadows below for a pass.

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